Aggie & Agent X

This is definitely not your usual spy novel...!

Rookie CIA officer Agnes Westfeld is excited when she gets her first real assignment after only three months at the agency, even though she's told it will be basically just a "baby-sitting" job. But when her new HQ turns out to be a legendary top secret base in the Nevada desert and her new partner is "out of this world," pitted against an evil mastermind who will stop at nothing, Aggie goes on a wild and wacky spy mission that is the adventure of a lifetime!

This quirky and often funny blend of sci-fi, espionage, mystery and old movie atmosphere should appeal to fans of all of those genres and more.

From the author of Houndtooth, A Game of Titans, The Gods of Cerus Major, Morlac: The Quest of the Green Magician, Death Hunt on a Dying planet, The Cross of St. Anne, Murder in Deer Park and numerous stories in magazines and anthologies.

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Aggie & Agent X:

The Mandarin Mystery

CIA officer Agnes Westfeld has now been permanently assigned to the special investigative unit at Area 51. She and her partner, Agent X, are immediately thrown into a new case with a seemingly impossible twist.

As they seek to solve this baffling mystery and learn the extent of a diabolical scheme by an ancient criminal organization, Aggie and Agent X face dangers more deadly than ever before.

A new adventure with that special blend of sci-fi, espionage, mystery, humor and old movie atmosphere that launched the most unusual team-up of spies ever.

A new mission!  New perils!  New villains!  And more...

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